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Adult conferences

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Our adult education at the International House Sonnenberg focuses on political education. Our programmes are aligned with issues about which people should be informed to be able to act responsibly in a democratic society.

Our content concentrates on the subject areas of Europe, the European Union, recent history and the consequences for the present and future (in particular the long-term repercussions of National Socialism), examination of hostility towards certain groups of people as well as seminars about German regional studies; we make room for considerations of current events at all our events.

The conferences are of varying length, depending on the target audience. They are prepared and chaired by experienced seminar leaders, usually in collaboration with an expert on the specific theme. International seminars are usually run with German-English simultaneous translation. This makes engagement from non-German speaking participants and a more international audience possible. The format of the conferences is determined by the content and the participants. We place great importance on opportunities for an exchange of views between the participants themselves.

As a rule, the conferences are open to all interested participants. However, some are directed towards specific audiences, such as the seminars about German regional studies.

In addition to the programme developed by the International House team, we support a framework of co-operations with external organisers, offering assistance in preparing the content and the organisation, and in running the actual event.

Please contact us if you have questions about our conferences, or if you want to produce and run your own programme.

Current adult conference programme (link)