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To become active!

The Sonnenberg-Kreis society for the support of international cooperation inc. is a free Institue that more internationally of the extracurricular educational work in Europe. In Internationales Haus Sonnenberg in St.Andreasberg/Oberharz, it offers through a whole year Events for international participants.

Topic of the Content work are the protection of the human rights, peace, solidarity, social responsbility. In our educational responsbility-by public supported resources- the participants are informed about educational and social Problems and free time and business, economy and environment, about topical and historical connections and are stimulated to the engagment in the society. Method variety and our work in groups are special educational signs, another forcus form because the location of houses are in the middle of the forest and on the edge of the National Park that founded in 1994- ecological questions.

The work of Sonnenberg is fulfils exclusively charitable, cultural task. Spiritually and politically independently, it serves the international and intercultural communication.

Sonnenberg is a not only educational institut, but also a worldwide member’s organisation. Only 1000 members belong to Sonnenberg-Kreis inc.  in Germany, with regional groups in Baden-Württemberg, Berlin, Hamburg and North Germany. There are national member’s circles in other 24 countries. These groups Support the aims of Sonnenberg by means of dispatching guests and auxiliaries to conferences in the Harz or in their own country  or offer their region events. In few words, the national circles are in the International Sonnenberg Association inc. (ISA)