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20.05. - 09.06.2018 Facets of Contemporary Germany

This study abroad program is coordinated by the Northern Illinois University Study Abroad Office, in cooperation with the Northern Illinois University College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures. The International Academy Internationales Haus Sonnenberg, St. Andreasberg, Germany, will be the cooperating institution overseas.

Students will be introduced to an international culture through this immersion into Germany’s language and culture. Participation in this program will greatly benefit the language competence of the students and is therefore an integral part of the German Language Curriculum at NIU.

The language objectives for students of the program are as follows:

a. to use conversational German vocabulary relating to various themes,

b. to experience diverse aspects of the German culture - ranging from social and political conditions to cuisine, sports, art, music and literature,

c. to access various media sources for personal enrichment, and

d. to seek out opportunities to learn more about German language and culture.

Participants will be introduced to a variety of topics on contemporary Germany. Instruction and local excursions will provide first-hand experience, in-depth understanding, and language immersion. Based on the preparations of the first half of the program, the participants will be able to deepen their knowledge and add further impressions during a trip to various places, spanning the northern half of Germany from Bremerhaven to Marburg.

Seminar for Students of Northern Illinois University, DeKalb, Illinois/USA


Seminar Leaders:

Friedemann Stübing, DeKalb, Illinois/USA

Volker Langeheine, Lahstedt

Lutz Heinke, Gleichen

Oliver Benz, Sonnenberg





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