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Experience the Harz Mountains

The International House Sonnenberg is situated at an elevation of more than 700 m on a forest meadow in the Harz National Park.

The closest town (2.5 km) is St Andreasberg with a summer toboggan run (in winter with ski lift for a short slope), National Park visitor centre, mining museum and canary museum. Close to the House you will find idyllic footpaths (which turn into skiing tracks in winter), a restaurant and the World Heritage Site Oberharzer Wasserregal, a historic system for distributing water.

If you want to explore the wider region, the Harz offers a variety of experiences:

  • Romantic towns with half timbered houses in the eastern and western Harz, such as Goslar, Wernigerode and Quedlinburg, the latter being a World Heritage Site
  • Unspoilt nature within and without the National Park, like the Brocken, the Bode gorge, the Sieber valley and several caves
  • Monuments of the secular and religious history of the Harz such as castles, grand houses, bishops‘ seats and monasteries
  • Opportunities for sports such as mountain biking, climbing and walking, for example at the St Andreasberg Bergsportarena (

One of the highlights is a trip with one of the narrow gauge railways of the Harz, which brings a fascinating past to life (