Du befindest Dich hier: Startseite / Kick-Off-Meeting: Learn2Change 2017

In order to make the possible happen, the impossible has to be tried ever and anon (Herman Hesse). Following this motto, the Learn2Change Network continues and develops itself further coordinated by the VNB.

Between 19.03.2017 – 23.03.2017 educational activists of many countries met as focus group to prepare activities for the 2017th Learn2Change Project in Welthaus Barnstorf. Again it showed that this network brings along an incredible spirit and potential for overcoming limited perspectives and  in developing holistic understanding and approaches on global learning.

We say thank you for the productive and inspiring meeting, to be part of the network and to host you between September 10th to15th for Learn2Change Conference 2017 @ Internationales Haus Sonnenberg!

About Learn2Change:We are civil society activists from all over the world who believe in the transformative power of education. We work with various topics, target groups and methods. This diversity is a treasure and strength. We draw from each other’s teaching, learning and unlearning experiences and exchange philosophies, ideas, skills and methodologies of learning and social change. The vision of our connection is of and for an ecologically sound and globally just transformation.