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Seminars in Co-operation

In many cases we can organise a seminar, planned by you, as a co-operative seminar in accordance with the Niedersächsische Erwachsenenbildungsgesetz (NEBG, the law regulating adult education in lower Saxony). Such a co-operation can work to your advantage.

Firstly, depending on the event, we could offer you a reduced price, since we might be able to access subsidies.

Secondly, one of our education specialists can join your team, who will support you in the planning, preparation, realization and evaluation of the event, in terms of organisation and, should you want it, in terms of content.

The International Haus Sonnenberg will then have the educational responsibility for the event, in terms of the NEBG:

  • We will check the program beforehand, give advice on which conditions must be fulfilled to be accredited according to the NEBG and/or revise the program accordingly together with you.
  • In preparation for the event we will not just advise you on aspects of organisation, but on request will also give tips on content
  • We will market the event in co-operation with you and advertise it on our homepage
  • During the event you will have a competent contact at the Haus

With all required conditions fulfilled, we would be happy if you made use of this opportunity for co-operation in accordance with NEBG and avail yourself of the wide-ranging experience of our education team for your seminar. Together we are sure to make it a success.