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become a member!

Our work needs supporters

You can become a member of the Sonnenberg association. The height of the Membership fee is fixed by every Sonnenberg-member after self-assessment. The annual least fee amounts from 01. January 2016 to 60€ or 40€ for students, staff of volunteering, unemployed and social assistance Receiver and so-called retired persons as well as 90€. The annual recoupment charges are cancelled on payment of a unique sum of at least 800€.

You will have a meeting of members which take place once a year as a rule about our work and make it better. In Addition, you can receive twice chances per year to see our topical program preview and get a good price for single room.

If you contact us by telephone or writing, we can send you a member’s application. We would be very glad to welcome you can become a new comrade-in-arms in association.

hier you can find the topical statute of the association.

Flyer: „Informationen über die Mitgliedschaft mit Beitrittserklärung