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St Andreasberg Observatory

The 22nd August 2014 saw the official opening of the St Andreasberg Observatory. It’s situated right next to us and will surely become a strong partner in the future. It should go down in history as the first wheelchair accessible observatory in Germany. Of interest to the association who runs it are not only the sky and the observation of celestial bodies, but also the impact on human life of turning night into day, constantly illuminating our environment with bright lights and disrupting the natural rhythms of people, animals and plants.

Seminars in partnership with us are planned, the first one for December 2014: „The Loss of the Night“. Details are in our event listings. In future we will also be able to offer our own observation sessions to our guests, in partnership with the Observatory. Please ask us about details when booking your stay! Likewise guests of the Observatory can arrange to book our rooms and take part in our meals.

You can find further information about the association, the events and lots of interesting material about the night sky and astronomy on the Observatory website (insert link here)