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International Sonnenberg Association e.V.


The InternationalSonnenberg Associacion (ISA) was founded in 1958 is the umbrella organization of national Sonnenberg groups of friends. In 2008, the ISA was officially registered in Germany as a non-profit organization.The ISA coordinates the work of Sonnenberg circles of friends. It helps to make the work of the German Sonnenberg-circle known and supports and promotes the work of the International House Sonnenberg in the field of non-formal education. The focus of the work of the ISA is to further develop the international nature of Sonnenberg work.Many ISA countries conduct meetings through in their own country, the so-called international meetings that Teilnehmer_innen are invited from other countries.The ISA's website is currently under construction.

Executive Committee of International Sonnenberg Association e. V.

Finn Rowold (Chair)


Dr. Jan Capek (Vice-chair)


Dr. Ian King (Treasurer)


Isolde Hartung (Associate Member)

Frits Grevink (Associate Member)

Violetta Getcheva (Deputy member)