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Since the summer of 2011 it is possible in Germany to serve a Voluntary Service Year (Bundesfreiwilligendienst, BFD). This replaces what was up to then the civilian substitute service, which ended with the abolition of military service. The Voluntary Service Year is open to younger as well as older people (over 27 years of age). You can serve during the BFD in charitable organisations (such as International Haus Sonnenberg). You will be paid a personal allowance and receive state benefits.

A new regulation – and an interesting one for Haus Sonnenberg – allows foreign young (and older) people to fulfil this voluntary service. Here at the Haus we would love to make use of this possibility to strengthen our International Youth Work.

We are looking for people who would like to start their BFD in 2017 with us, beginning in the summer. It doesn’t matter whether you have just graduated from school or are already more experienced. We accept applications from people from Germany and other countries. People with a disability are very welcome! Most of the Haus is wheelchair accessible.

We can offer varied work in the areas of hospitality, assisting with seminars, administration and caretaker jobs. If you are interested in social subjects, tourism, education or youth work, you will find opportunities with us to get a taste of those areas. It might even help you with choosing a career or developing personal goals.

If you are interested in doing Voluntary Service (BFD) at the Haus and support our work, please send your application to us.

Applications from February 2017 onwards to:

Sonnenberg-Kreis e.V.

z.Hd. Frau Specht

Clausthaler Str. 11

D-37444 Sankt Andreasberg

or per e-mail: