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Our Seminars

International conferences are either held in English or with simultaneous translation.

The structure and content of our conferences are developed by our education team in collaboration with our freelance coaches. Each programme is tailored for its target audience. Using a variety of methods we take up current themes and discuss different points of view. This enables our participants to learn with their hands, hearts and minds and develop a sense for differing perspectives. Our participants usually spend their free time engaging in activities together, which enhances the intense interchange and personal understanding.

Our main themes are:

·         Society, History, Culture

·         Politics, Democracy, Participation

·         Europe, International Affairs, Globalisation

·         Environment, Sustainability

·         Developing educational and personal competence

·         Training for multipliers and professional development


Through regular sessions of appraisal and reflexion during and at the end of conferences, the participants’ learning process as well as the quality of our work are evaluated and improved.